About us

The Actin Sportswear Company can look back nearly two decades of business history.

Football, basketball, handball teams in the Hungarian national championships chosen our jerseys over the past years. We are trying to re-apply with our up-to-date products by winning a new customer target audience in renewable form. From our range we mainly focus on production of jerseys and shorts. In addition to the adult ball sports teams, we want to pay special attention for the need of the students' school sports teams and kids in the nursery schools football training program.

Competitive price design!

Besides keeping the quality, we pay attention the pricing. We accomplish the specific needs of our customers, our products are delivered directly to the users, eliminating the trade price gaps.

We hope that our brief introduction material will attract your interest and we can welcome you as our partners as soon as possible.

With best regards, Béla Sántics, executive manager


About our products

Jerseys, shorts made of 100 % polyester materials. The fabrics can be ordered in Jaguard weave, - actin logo (Fig. 1) or drivefit ventilator design (Fig. 2). The jerseys, shorts are produced in the colors of the color scheme. Our products keep their size and colour washing on 40 oC. The numbers, inscriptions, logos do not crumble, fade and wear off due to the sublimation procedure. Easy to handle, clean, and do not require ironing. In case of loss of Jerseys, shorts we guarantee re-manufacturing at an original price within two years .


Preparation and selection of raw materials

In the fabric of the jerseys and shorts, the logo the ordering sports organization,  school, - in the right number of pieces-, can be woven. (Fig. 1) Logos can be placed on the jersey or shorts in the shape of a watermark in any form, sublimation irrespective of the number of pieces (Fig. 3).

Product by custom size,  color, design and pattern :

You can creatively design the look and feel of your future jersey and short!!!


By entering specific dimensions, we can make the best suited jersey or short for you and team members

  • Narrowed, extended shape, neck shape, fitting of the flap with traditional, raglan, other

Choosing the color of the jersey, short

  • the size of the tinted, patterned surface
  • one-color, multicolored, gradient design

Design, pattern, placement

  • selection and design of longitudinal stripes, cross stitches, other geometric shapes
  • placement plan of logos, format of advertising inscriptions
  • preparing of unique shape and scale numbers

Realization of the needs you have made and the creation of your dream plans with sublimation for your future sportswear.

Please contact us with extra requests!

Shipping costs, delivery time:

Depending on the quantity of the order, we will send it by hand or by mail order service to our dear Partners. If the value of the order is over 50,000 HUF, we will deliver it freely to any part of the country. If the amount is different, the fees of the domestic delivery of the parcel service should be paid. In this case, please ask our information. We deliver the goods in  6-14 working days after the acceptance of the  written order .



The Actin Sportswear Company...

...can look back nearly two decades of business history.

Football, basketball, handball teams in the Hungarian National Championships chosen our jerseys over the past years.